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Maintaining a property can be a time consuming and labor intensive process. This is where professional, dependable maintenance from Bonner Landscaping Contractors can help.

Services we provide include:

  • Mulching to discourage weeds and conserve water
  • Edging to keep your landscape and planting beds looking their best
  • Weeding by hand to protect your plants
  • Application of herbicides to prevent weed growth
  • Pruning to encourage new growth in shrubs and small trees
  • Spring cleanup in March and April to remove fall and winter’s debris
  • Fall cleanup in October to remove leaves, sticks, and decaying plant matter

Commercial Snow Removal

montgomery county snow removalSnow removal services by Bonner Landscape Contractors include plowing, shoveling, ice removal, and salting. Services are offered for commercial property owners, shopping centers, industrial properties, office complexes and healthcare facilities, as well as residential communities.

Contact us to receive an estimate for dependable maintenance.


Turf Management

delaware county snow plowing

Bonner Landscape Contractors know a beautiful landscape includes turf management. We offer

  • Aeration of grassy areas to increase absorption of water and nutrients
  • Dethatching to remove a buildup of debris that can harbor pests and diseases
  • Fertilization to encourage healthy, vigorous growth
  • Seeding and overseeding to cover and repair bald spots in your lawn
  • Sod installation and sod repair to provide immediate relief from bare dirt and dead turf
  • Soil testing and remediation to adjust your soil’s pH level and consistency,
    improving your lawn’s health